Name Japan Laser Corporation
2-14-1, Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0051 Japan
Phone +81-3-5285-0861, FAX +81-3-5285-0860
access map
1-20-12, Higashi-Nakajima, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 533-0033 Japan
Phone +81-6-6323-7286, FAX +81-6-6323-7283
3-1-30, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0003 Japan
Phone +81-52-205-9711, FAX +81-52-205-9713
Founded April 16, 1968
Capital 30 million yen (100% owned by JLC Holdings)
Annual Sales 3,900 million yen (As of 2017 fiscal year)
Employees 51 (As of January, 2018)
Offices Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya
Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd., Takadanobaba Branch
Mizuho Bank Ltd., Takadanobaba Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., Takadanobaba Corporate Business Office
Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd., Nishi-Okubo Branch
Directors (As of February, 2018)
Chairman & CEO Nobuyuki Kondo
President & COO Tatsuya Uzuka
Managing Director Hiroyuki Uemura
Managing Director & CFO Masamichi Beppu
Director Jun Sasaki
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Reisuke Izumiyama
Operating Officer Toru Okada
Operating Officer Akira Morohashi
Operating Officer Hayato Tsuruta
Apr., 1968 Founded with start-up capital of JPY 5 million; primary business is importing laser products; ten private shareholders
Apr., 1971 Converted to 100% subsidiary of JEOL
Jul., 1974 New capital JPY 10Million.
Jan., 1976 New capital JPY 20Million.
Apr., 1977 Opened Osaka Office. (now known as the Osaka Branch)
Apr., 1983 Merged with CTC. New capital JPY 30Million.
Apr., 1989 Opened Nagoya Office. (now known as the Nagoya Branch)
Jun., 1989 Founded JEOL Liosonic, a joint venture with JEOL.
Jul., 1992 Opened San Francisco Office.
Apr., 1993 Opened Tsukuba Office.
Jul., 1995 Moved the Head Office to Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku.
Jan., 2002 Opened San Diego Office.
Jun., 2007 JLC Holdings (JLCHD) founded with shareholdings of JEOL = 14.9%, directors = 53.1% and employees = 32.0%
Jul., 2007 Converted to 100% subsidiary of JLC Holdings
May, 2011 Received the Grand Award from the Secretary General of the Small and Medium enterprise Agency as a small company to be cherished most in Japan
Jan., 2012 Received the Grand Award for excellence in management from Shinjuku-City
Oct., 2012 Received the Grand Award for Courageous Management from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Feb., 2013 Selected as the Best Practice for Active Participation by Women from the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mar., 2013 Selected as one of Diversity Management Selection 100 from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Apr., 2013 Selected as one of Omotenashi Management Selection 50 from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Nov., 2013 Selected as the Qualified Company for Work Life Balanced Management from Tokyo Metropolitan
Dec., 2013 Selected as one of Excellent SMEs and Micro Enterprise Selection 300 from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Oct., 2015 Selected as one of “Companies Providing Career Support in 2015” by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Feb., 2016 Selected as one of KAIKA Awards by Japan Management Association
Jun., 2016 Authorized as “Work-Life Balance Promotion Enterprise” by Shinjuku Ward
Jan., 2017 Selected as one of “the third grand prize of white companies” by the Planning Committee of White Companies Awards
Feb., 2018 Selected as “Idea Award of Work-Life Balance” by Shinjuku Ward
Mar., 2019 The book written by Nobuyuki Kondo / CEO received the outstanding performance award of “the Research Encouragement Prize on the business administration to cherish people” books category

Business Field

Japan Laser Corporation (JLC), a key trading company specializing in lasers, has served the needs of customers since 1968 in Japan. JLC has built “Global Communications” network primarily to provide information on laser technologies. This includes the import and export of products in the world, and the offering of various lasers from advanced devices for scientific research to lasers for general use. JLC continually aim at aggressive integrated light solutions to light up the future.
We continue to offer the world’s most advanced products as the oldest laser trading company, and we contribute to the development of optical technologies, communicating our customers’ requirements to manufacturers overseas.


JLC has contracts for sales representation with approximately fifty foreign manufacturers to import advanced laser products. We provide a diversity of lasers for all industries and applications to enable us to quickly respond to customers’ proposals and targeted specifications.


Complementing our laser products, JLC has a wide range of peripheral devices to improve stability and to extend their applications. We offer a wide range of accessories including optical elements, modulators, beam profilers, power meters, and protective eyewear.

Measuring Instruments

Our product line encompasses industrial instruments and analytical equipment using light, with a strong emphasis on lasers. JLC offers a wide range of advanced devices for non-contact measurement, including measurement of Particle Size Distribution, Thermographic Cameras, Interferometer, and Fluid Vectors.

Material Processing Systems

JLC offers a wide range of systems for countless needs including Lithography, Cutting, Drilling, and Trimming, of Resistors, Welding, Soldering, General Machining and Semiconductor Device Manufacturing.

JLC Branded Products

JLC develops its own brand of products, including Image Processing Systems, Optical Disk Mastering Systems, and Material Processing Systems. We can meet our customers’ requirements based on our expertise gained from many years in the industry.

OEM Products

JLC offers various kinds of Lasers, Components and Assemblies to create custom design solutions for customers’ production.